Group Capabilities

  • Sales Representation
  • Business Development
  • Inventory Control and Logistical Management
  • Technical Services
  • Blending & Mixing
  • Specialist Training
  • Demonstrations
  • Decanting
  • Packaging
  • Packing & Transportation of Dangerous Goods (by air or sea)

Sales Representation:

Graytone through its associate companies– can be your sales office in Europe.  Our sales and support staff speak French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew and other languages.  We have sales people based in England, France and Spain.  Alternatively we can identify potential partners in your area of expertise better positioned to sell your products.

Business Development:

We assist in the development of our subsidiaries and are always interested in opportunities to further develop the group. We will identify and target companies who are seen to provide strategic expansion for Graytone and our subsidiaries in terms of strengthening their position within a given market sector, diversification, geographical expansion. 

Inventory Control and Logistical Management:

If you are looking to position your products in Europe our associate companies can stock and deliver by air, land and sea on your behalf, with documentation tailored to your requirements.  We have warehousing in the north and south of England and in France.

Technical Services:

Within the group we have a trained chemist, expert applicators, expertise in metal pretreatment and NDT (Non-destructive Testing), and within our businesses we pride ourselves on having an in-depth knowledge of the products we sell and support.

Blending and Mixing:

Should you require advice on toll manufacturing or require an introduction to UK-based paint manufacturers, this is something we can facilitate.  For smaller quantities, our businesses are capable of blending colour to a Delta E tolerance of 0,5 using FMCII software.

Specialist Training:

Whether you require training in good paint shop practice, application techniques or process management – off or onsite – we can assist in the theory and the practical implementation.


Use our facilities for presentations and product demonstration. We cater for meetings up to 15 people onsite and can offer the use of our fully equipped spray booth.


Within the Group we have the capability to decant larger volumes of product into more readily usable pack sizes and to a degree we can modify/customise labelling according to the needs of the customer

Packing & Transportation of Dangerous Goods (by air or sea)

We provide the following service:

  • 24 Hour stock delivery service within the United Kingdom
  • 2-5 days stock delivery service across mainland Europe
  • Approved for IATA Dangerous Goods regulation for packing and dangerous goods documentation for air freight
  • Approved for IMDG Dangerous Goods regulation for packing and dangerous goods documentation for sea freight